Screening Toolkit

Screening Toolkit

It’s exciting that individuals across the country are organizing screenings of Unlisted to spark discussions about mental health in their communities. Screenings have been organized by individuals working alone or with universities, housing providers, The National Alliance on Mental illness (NAMI), Mental Health America (MHA), and many other groups. To support this grassroots community screening campaign, we created free downloadable tools that make holding an event easy.Join us in helping to raise awareness about mental health issues. We invite you to hold a screening in your community. The Toolkit, on the right column, is broken down into all its elements.  These tools are all that is needed to create a memorable and impactful event.It is also exciting to note that when Unlisted is used as a fundraiser (selling tickets, requesting donations, etc.) all the proceeds go directly to the hosting organization.  All other films that MyDoc Productions is aware of require the organization to share the proceeds with the film’s production/distribution teams.We look forward to working with you in organizing your screening.Please contact us at

The Toolkit

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