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Where in the World is Mental Health?

The Film: Where in the World is Mental Health?

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Currently in post-production
is Delaney Ruston's ground-breaking feature documentary, Where in the World is Mental Health? Nearly 1 in 30 people live with severe mental illness, over 150 million on the planet. Yet we rarely hear these peoplesí stories first hand. This hour long film follows the lives of 4 such people living in India, China, France, and the US. What emerges are scenes of profound frustration, along with moments of incredible compassion, as we witness the ways in which communities include, and exclude, these individuals. Interwoven into these stories is an exploration of how each culture has arrived at its current attitude toward the mentally ill. And ultimately the film addresses the most critical question, ...In what direction are we, as a global society, moving to improve the lives of these citizens?