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Below are what leaders in the mental health and public health fields are saying about Unlisted.

“By far the most powerful documentary that I have seen about mental illness… "

Pete Earley,  Pulitzer Prize Finalist, Author of Crazy


By giving us such a compelling and human story, Unlisted makes an incredibly important contribution to our understanding of mental illness in this country and the challenges we face in confronting it.

David Satcher MD PhD, former US Surgeon General


“Oh my goodness, It's beautiful and powerful, a love poem and a call to action. I hope it's seen by many because it's a tremendous public service and educational tool wrapped in a compelling, heart-felt narrative.”

Steve Lopez, LA Times Reporter, Author of The Soloist


“I have had the great good fortune to screen Unlisted several times with a wide range of family members and clinicians and have been most impressed with the extraordinary power of the film to convey critical lessons and insights about living with schizophrenia. Unlisted stands out as one of finest documentaries on mental illness in decades.”

Marvin Swartz, Professor of Psychiatry, Duke University


"When I saw Unlisted at a film festival, I knew I had to get this to our staff at King County.  I was certain they would be as moved as I was by the personal, yet universal, story and important discussions would ensue.  That is exactly what happened.   It is clear that Unlisted is going to be greatly appreciated in settings like ours across the country."

Sharon Farmer MD, Medical Director Mental Health, Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services, King County

"A compelling story that makes the diagnosis real as you watch a father struggle to maintain a relationship with his daughter... to be seen by all concerned with promoting healthy minds."

Bill Foege, former Director of the Centers for Disease Control and former Director of the Carter Center

“Ruston's clear-eyed determination to explore the world of her father brings the viewer to see up close a detailed view of another's struggles that is rarely seen in films. As a doctor, as a daughter, as a filmmaker, she manages to tell a story that is gripping and informative. The viewers, both medical professionals and the public at large will find this a very poignant, moving experience, solidly constructed, both good art and good science, my kind of film.”

Les Blank, Maya Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement as a Filmmaker of over 40 documentaries

"Watching this movie will move and educate you-as it did me- and convince us all that we must be fearless in seeking the government support needed to address this personal and societal injustice"


Patty Stonesifer, former CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and current Board Chair of the Smithsonian Institution


"Unflinching in its candor, Unlisted, reminds me of the incredible power that one compelling story can have in shaping the way we think about major societal issues."


Helene Gayle President and CEO, CARE


“It is a wonderfully poignant film which brings to light the growing pandemic of mental illness and its ever-increasing connection to homelessness. Like no other vehicle I’ve observed it de-stigmatizes mental illness and exposes it for what it really is; a complex sickness not unlike any other in our society whether it be diabetes, cancer, or multiple sclerosis.”


Jon Dol, Vice President of Community Outreach, United Way


"This is an outstanding film that should be seen by anyone who has a loved one, friend or relative with mental illness. In other words, just about everyone."


Amnon Shoenfeld, Director of King County's Mental Health Services

"A great documentary... that will appeal to a wide audience including people who do not know what schizophrenia is to well informed consumers, families and clinicians..."

John E Gray, Past President, Schizophrenia Society of Canada

“I saw your film recently at our staff meeting. The film was amazing. I felt privileged to witness your personal struggle and the triumph of your spirit as you embraced the pain of your childhood. … I will never forget you or your father.”


Brenda Mayer, King County Designated Chemical Dependency Specialist

Most Recent Award

Unlisted is the one documentary to receive the prestigious Mental Health America Media Award for 2011. The award is given for excellence in the portrayel of mental health issues.