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Director, Producer & Co-editor - Delaney Ruston, MD. Founder of MyDOC Productions, Ruston is a Stanford trained physician who has been directing award winning documentaries dealing with controversial medical themes since 1997.

Main Project Advisor - Steven Okazaki. Recipient of an Oscar, four Oscar nominations (including 2009), a Peabody and many other awards for his documentaries. His work includes the films, Black Tar Heroin, Rehab, and White Light/Black Rain.

Co-editor - William Haugse.  Editor of the highly acclaimed documentary Hoop Dreams for which he received an Oscar nomination. During his 35 years in film he has edited over 100 films, including Stevie and Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election.

Director of Cinematography - Geoff Schaaf.  Working for the past 30 years in cinema, Schaaf has earned13 Emmy nominations and 4 Emmys. Credits include, TV series (Charmed, Jack and Jill and Seaquest) TV documentaries (Sharks of Rangiroa, Tour de France), and Feature Films (Midnight Heat, All American Murder).

Composer - Stephen Thomas Cavit. Music featured in numerous Sundance, HBO and PBS films such as, Everything's Cool, Chuck & Buck, The Good Girl, and Blue Vinyl.

Associate Producer - Jenni Nelson.  Experienced in many areas of production and whose narrative and documentary films  have garnered high acclaim (Sundance audience choice, Napoleon Dynamite, Whisper Island, Moving McAllister, Biz Kids).